Erdem X H&M Collection | REVIEW

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Erdem X HM review
Logo from H&M

Man I was really stoked when I heard who the latest designer collaboration with H&M was going to be. Erdem. Erdem collaborating with H&M. What an exciting moment for both brands!
The sneak previews were killing me. Floral prints, unisex shapes and a blend of materials and textures such as lace and wool. Ah man. I needed it.

I'm never successful on release days but I was keen to try my luck, I always do! Half hour before it was due to go live in the UK I had my MacBook, iPad and mobile all ready to go on the app and desktops. I was praying I could get a spot in the queue. I had looked at so many pieces I wanted and really wanted to try and get a coat, the yellow Chanel-style skirt suit and the hoody from the Mens section (because black is always better than grey!) My issue with H&M sizing varying so much didn't help but I decided to persevere and if I managed to get anything I would get in my usual UK size 12.

To my utter surprise I got through on the app straight away. I panicked ordered the skirt and matching jacket and then quickly got the hoody. When I saw how smooth it went through to checkout I thought I would be cheeky and see if I could also order the wool-blend coat and to my surprise it was still in stock - so I quickly checked out and was excited at my success of getting all the pieces I wanted!

I was so excited when it all arrived in big boxes. I had seen the hype online and couldn't wait to have that unboxing moment myself. All the garments were beautiful at first glance.

Erdem X HM review
Styled flatly with the skirt from the collection. Styled here with ankle boots from Matalan, Nirvana t-shirt from Primark, Sunglasses from Miu Miu and baker boy hat by H&M

Ah man. The H&M sizing. They really let me down here.

The size 12 skirt wasn't even getting over my knees if I'm honest. I even tried it over my head but nope. It was soooo small. I'm gutted. And it looks like I wasn't the only person who found it small when I looked on Twitter.

Erdem X HM review
Wool blend jacket from collection

The size 12 jacket - perfect fit. In fact I could have easily got a cardigan underneath it in terms of layering so positives for that - but negative for not being able to wear my skirt with it. Which is really why I bought them together.

Erdem X HM review
Details on the jacket from collection - front pockets and jewel encrusted buttons

Men's Hoody - Medium - Ah bugger. Should have sized down to a small. It was ginormous. It had really generous arm length as well and even though I love baggy styles this was just too baggy. I was also surprised at the quality. £50 for a hoody is a lot in my opinion and I felt like it was no different to their £14.99 hoodies!

Erdem X HM review
Mens black hoody from the collection

The wool-blend coat - this was my biggest let down. At 5'7" the coat was skimming my ankles - good luck if you were any shorter! This coat was huge and not in a trendy oversized way. It was HUGE. I could have easily ordered an 8 and still had room for it to look baggy. Super disappointed with the fit of this coat and with the fit of the items I had got in this collection.

Erdem X HM review
Wool blend oversized duster coat from collection

So bloody typical that the one drop I finally get my hands on goes disastrously! It wasn't meant to be clearly and I guess I can get my money back on my H&M account.

Never mind, I wonder what designer they will collaborate with next?

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