A Weekend Away in Aberdeenshire

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A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

John has some family who live near Aberdeen so we decided to take a long weekend and visit them and explore the area. It's the furthest North I've been in the UK and my second time in Scotland (I had 24hrs in Edinburgh once) and it was so breathtakingly beautiful, I just had to share it with you!

We chose to fly with EasyJet from Gatwick and we weren't up in the air for long! John's family live about 40mins away from Aberdeen airport so we didn't have to travel too long in the car which was fab (I get travel sick too easily these days so I was pleased).

We decided to make the most of the countryside and planned a couple days of exploring. If you're planning to visit Aberdeenshire then take a look at where I went as I totally recommend it!

 If you are going to do anything whilst here please visit Dunnottar Castle. It's truly remarkable and set in the most stunning surroundings. You can walk around the castle ruins (£7 for an adult) and it's grounds and learn all about it's incredible history. 

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

It's a photographers paradise with multiple views all around the castle.

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

It's quite a climb up some questionable steps and the ruins have uneven floors so be careful!

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire
One of the many views from the ruins. Wearing Black Milk galaxy emerald toastie leggings. 

After the walk around the castle grounds we headed to the local town Stonehaven (approx 3km walk). To be honest we didn't explore much here, we wanted to enjoy the sunshine and sit by the small harbour and rest up a bit.

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire
The view from the local pub which had outside seating.

On our second day we hiked up Scolty Hill. For a non-hiker like me (and clearly unfit) I thought it was a very steep climb to the top (I had a bright red face and had to stop a few times!) but once you got to the top there was a grand tower that you could climb and the 360 views were absolutely incredible.

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

I was told there was a less steep climb we could have taken up but instead we walked back down that way. So I would recommend that route going up AND down if you don't usually hike.

We were lucky that John's family lived really close to the River Dee so had multiple views of it as we were driving around and we decided to stop on the way back so I could take some photos. It's an incredible river that ran for miles and usually a place where local fisherman go to get salmon. 

A weekend away in Aberdeenshire

We got lucky with weather considering we went in October. It was so autumnal everywhere we went and the sun was always shining even if it was a bit cold!

During this time in the season it's known as 'salmon season' as the salmon are known to migrate and travel upstream. To see this in action we travelled to the Falls of Feugh. There we watched numerous salmon throw themselves up the treacherous falls. A must see if you travel during this time - I've watched nature documentaries on it so to see it happen for real was awesome!

A weekend in Aberdeenshire
Falls of Feugh

 We fit a lot in but had a great weekend and it was amazing to be out in the fresh Scottish countryside air and explore Aberdeenshire.

Until the next adventure... 

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