L'Oreal Paris X Beauty and the Beast Lipstick Review

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L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

So I was very fortunate to react quickly to a 'heads up' about the Beauty and the Beast make up range that L'Oreal Paris released in Italy and managed to nab these beauties from Italian Amazon. I did check out the full range and only picked out the shades and packaging that I really liked and ordered four lipsticks in total. As a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan I just HAD to get some!

What's worth mentioning here is that these ARE NOT exclusive or new shades for the color riche range, they are just selected shades already in existence but with Beauty and the Beast packaging. 

I'm going to be sharing with you the shades I got and some swatches and will let you know how you can still get the shades for this collection by ordering from the color riche range.

L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast
As you can tell from the images the packaging looks amazing and represents the characters beautifully. Both the Belle and Fifi coverings have a fuzzy-like texture to them (a bit like suede) whilst the Beast has the beautiful gold scratch marks and Lumiere has a wonderful intricate design along the bottom.

Where it lets itself down massively is that these are simply stickers added to the lipsticks!!

L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

Belle - Traditional red lipstick with a slight pink tone to it.
Lumiere - Fantastic nude shade perfect for everyday wear.
Fifi - Gorgeous deep red/raspberry colour and my second favourite from the range.
Beast - my favourite by far! Dark brown, moody and total grunge perfection.

L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

These are the name of the actual shades from the Color Riche lipstick line from L'Oreal Paris.

703 - Oud Obsession (Beast)
231 - Sepia Silk (Lumiere)
374 - Intense Plum (Fifi)
335 - Carmin St Germain (Belle)

I just want to clarify that whilst these are beautiful, I've seen people bid on these for 4x the RRP and in my opinion, it's just the normal shades of lipsticks with some stickers on for effect.

It shouldn't take away from the fact that the shades are gorgeous and you can still get these in your local drugstore for the usual RRP. My advice would be to get those and not pay over the odds for the extra stickers added on top!

Thanks for reading xoxo

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L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast

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