Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

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Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

So at the beginning of this year I set myself a challenge to eat healthy and stop spending my money on unhealthy food. My pizza obsession was becoming an issue. Especially as I preferred the take away option.

So I switched my diet over. I'm trying this Paleo fad to see what it's all about. Think meat/seafood and a shit load of vegetables and fruit! Whilst I'm exploring this diet I'm also trying new things. 
Easy new things. After all the reason I order pizza most the time is because I'm lazy and I can't cook. 

I also thought that if I came across a genuinely good recipe AND it was super easy to do, I would share it on my blog. So here I am. 

Let's kick this off with my first recipe it's a doddle honestly! 

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

First tip - get your shit together, sort out what ingredients you need and then sort that oven out. Get it turned on, set to 180oC (mines a fan assisted one) and get that baby warm.

Ingredients -

One courgette (well how else you gonna have a base!?)
Cheese (anything that can be grated and tastes yummy when melted)
Tomato sauce (pasta sauce is fine or homemade if you have time)
Whatever topping you want (I used mushrooms)

Let's get this party started...

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

Slice this little fella in half lengthways - pizza base is sorted!

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

Spoon on your tomato sauce to cover your courgette

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

Grate that lovely yummy cheese and sprinkle that shit all over your tomatoey courgette

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

Cut up your toppings - it couldn't have been easier with these mushrooms!

Bake them in the oven for 25 minutes.

I told you it was easy...

Healthy Courgette Pizza Boats

VOILA - perfection right?

Yeah I know it's not quite the same as tucking into a ham and mushroom stuffed crust pizza (my favourite pizza ever!) but it'll fucking do on this healthy eating plan and just eating that cheese alone was satisfaction enough.

Enjoy guys!

If you liked this recipe and want more then leave me a comment or tweet me @lou_sadie :)

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