Bath Time Routine: Treat Yo Self

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bath time routine: treat yo self

Ah hiya guys! I love me a bath. I never used to be bath kinda girl - I've never had the time and showers have always been the quickest and most convenient for me. A while back I was really under some stress and a friend recommended a bath and some time to myself to chill out. I laughed and said she was crazy but she gave me a bath bomb and said that I shouldn't knock it until I tried it. I tried it out. I ran myself the ultimate bath. It had bubbles, I had a pillow and I had a lot of candles dotted about.

I relaxed, put on a face mask and hair mask and it was really fancy. I was able to catch up on all my fave YouTuber's as well. 

Happy days. 

In fact, so happy that it is now my weekly ritual. Every Sunday evening I take an hour or so out for my bath and I treat myself.

soap & glory, Lee Stafford, LUSH

I like to moisturise from head to toe after my bath as a final touch of pampering. I like to use this Heel Genius cream by Soap & Glory, CoCo LoCo Hair Milk by Lee Stafford and Popcorn Lip Scrub by LUSH.

vaseline, primark candle, Origins

I then like to use the Vaseline Spray & Go (the laziest way to moisturise!) It makes my skin super smooth and soft.

My must have face mask is this clay mask by Origins. I pop it onto my t-zone and it totally dries my skin out. It works wonders on my oily skin.

I like to spend a bit of time choosing my bath bombs as well - a treat from me to me - and I always have a face mask ready and something to make my hair feel fabulous. 

It makes me feel really relaxed and ready for the week ahead!


Have you guys used this lip scrub as well? It's amazing! I always put it on whilst I'm relaxing in the bath as an extra little luxury. ( I also lick it off as it tastes so good - oops!)

My last little luxury to the list is a lovely smelling candle. That always helps my mood. This particular candle is from Primark and it's the pineapple and ginger scent. Totally amazing.

bath time routine: treat yo self

So take a leaf out of my book- run a bath, light a candle, get fancy and TREAT YO' SELF
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