Top 5 Bronzers

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It's officially summer now - I'm calling it guys. The UK is in summer mode!

I never realise how reliant I am on bronzer until the sun comes out and it makes me feel so much better. So I decided to rummage through my make up drawers and blog about my all time favourite bronzers for you! I narrowed it down to 5 - that was hard enough - as I don't this to be the longest post in the world!

Life and Rags Blog

These are the ones I have selected - mostly drugstore brands but I have a couple high-end products as well - but trust me it's worth it!

Read more below where I explain why I love these bronzers and what I use them the most for!

Life and Rags Blog

My every day bronzers tend to be powder based. They are so easy to apply and go on smooth and fuss free. You can apply a little or a lot and I find powders are really easy to blend.

I've chosen the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer because - other then it actually smelling like chocolate - it is a great staple for any make up collection. I have used this bronzer for years and always re-purchase. It is gentle on the skin and you can build up a bronzed look without looking too golden! I apply it to my cheeks for my daily look. Simple.

Life and Rags Blog

This RiRi for MAC Bronzer is LIFE. The packaging is amazing... As it's MAC it is slightly pricier and I'm not actually sure if this is widely available to buy anymore BUT it's a favourite of mine and I wanted to make you guys aware of it. It slightly darker then a normal shade I use for everyday but it has amazing staying power and is perfect for an evening/night time glow. A little goes a long way and it is ideal for contouring out cheekbones and slimming the face.

This No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer is what I use for during the day when I do an event or something where I need to do a more made up look with my make up. It's the perfect bronze shade and has the most perfect illuminator with it as well. I use a huge powder brush and swirl it together and together they really brighten my face and enhances where I contour.

Life and Rags Blog

Oh this product right here - Instant Glow Skin WOW Tan from Seventeen is my saviour when I create a real contoured look - usually on nights out where I really want to shape and slim my face. It's a liquid bronzer so needs a dense brush or fingertips to apply and you have to really mark up where you want your contour and blend out straight away. It can be used for the body as well and is perfect for adding glow to collarbones and fronts of legs when you have a tan!

Life and Rags Blog

Ok it's Chanel but OMG it's everything I could want from a bronzer. The Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer is a must-have. Luxurious, amazing staying power and so easy to use are just some of the winning qualities of this product. One sweep of a brush is all I need to bronze my face. It's shown here with a NARS Kabuki Brush because I use this bronzer and brush combo mostly for contouring my cheekbones and it is divine. It's expensive but seriously it's barely scratched the surface and I've been using it for a while now. Make sure whatever you do, that you keep the protector on otherwise it will dry out. I'd hate for you to get one and for that to happen so I'm gonna give you a heads up now. Let it be known!

Dried up Chanel bronzer = seriously unhappy person!

Life and Rags Blog

So there you have it my Top 5 Bronzers:

1. Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer £7.99
2. RiRi for MAC Bronzer (not available to buy)
3. No.7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer £12.00
4. Seventeen Liquid Bronze £5.99
5. Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronzer £32.00

Thanks for the love as always - let me know what bronzers you use! xoxo
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