Morning Skincare Routine: Oily Skin Type

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morning skincare routine

So the weirdest and nicest thing happened to me the other day. I was recently complimented by a work colleague on how glowing my skin was and they asked what products I used. Now you probably think that it might be strange that I said this compliment was weird, but the truth is I've always stressed over how my skin looks as I have battled oily skin and a hideous t-zone since my teens. I was almost confused. Me - healthy looking skin? I'm happy with that!

So with new confidence I decided to create a blog post dedicated to my morning skincare routine! 
I currently do this every morning...

Step 1: Cleanse

Morning Skincare Routine: Oily Skin Type

Each morning I wake up with an oily t-zone. It's a given! I pump out the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish onto freshly washed hands and rub in circular motions onto my skin. Not only does it start to rub away oil and dirt but by using circular motions it gives a little pick me up for my skin. Using warm water I use a muslin cloth to take off the product. 

Skin is feeling freshy!

Step 2: Tone

Morning Skincare Routine: Oily Skin Type

Firstly can I just say that I am IN LOVE with this product. It's changed my life. Zero exaggeration.

After my skin has been cleansed I spray this product all over my face and neck and it absorbs any excess oily on my face and creates the perfect matte base. It dries quickly but if you spray too much just gently pat your skin with your fingers. It's the perfect toner for oily skin. I have used this product everyday for 2 months and it's still going strong. Definitely a staple in my skincare routine.

Step 3: Moisturise

Morning Skin Routine: Oily Skin Type

I use this moisturiser as it dries matte whilst being super moisturising. I've always struggled with moisturisers either being too strong - making my skin extra oily and hard to manage or I use a moisturiser that doesn't keep my skin feeling soft. This one is perfect for oily skin and I swear by it. I apply this all over my face and neck ensuring that I rub it all in. It's amazing!

Step 4: Beauty Balm/Foundation

Morning Skincare Routine: Oily Skin Type

Oh boy. You know when you find a product that is the jack-of-all-trades!? This is how I feel about this beauty balm. I use this as coverage for everyday wear and it is perfect for me. Extremely long-wearing, gives great even coverage and weirdly enough, it smells amazing. Like rubbing oranges on your face! Oh and did I forget to mention that it has SPF 30 as well? My bad! This BB cream is amazing for oily skin. Applied to my face like I would foundation, it dries matte and even covers red patches and blemishes. It's pricier then the average BB cream that I've tested before but I understand why. A little goes a long way and once you find a product that works for your skin type, it's hard to want to try anything else!

These four products are my go-to skincare items that I use most days. If I'm feeling super lazy, I wash my face with normal soap and apply the Dr.Jart+ BB straight onto dry, freshly washed skin. Works like a dream!!

What products do you guys use? I'm particularly interested in any products that work for oily/combination skin as I'm always interested in making things work.

Thanks for the read as always xoxo

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