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It's finally starting to feel like summer and it's got me excited looking at accessories and swimwear in the shops. I have an unhealthy bikini addiction. It's my weakness. 

However, I recently got a few items including another bikini so thought I would share them with you!

I was browsing the clothes section in ASDA - as you do - and came across this amazing bikini. It's been designed as part of the Graduate Fashion Week range and I love it. Tribal print, bright colours and the details are super awesome as well.

The top is a longline bralet style and has an awesome back detail where the back has two fastenings.

Life and Rags Blog

Life and Rags Blog

The bikini bottoms that I chose were some simple tie-sides. They did have a high-waist pair in the same print which I would have loved but they didn't have my size so I got the others instead. On the ends of the ties are some cute orange beads which is a nice touch.

Life and Rags Blog

Now can we talk about those sliders for a moment?

These are beaut and as soon as I saw these on H&M online I had to have them. Rose gold metallic sliders - HEAVENLY. They will look fabulous with any outfit to be fair but imagine them paired with this awesome two-piece as well? Winning pool-side combo! 

Life and Rags Blog

Now I struggle to find aviators that suit me. I love the metallic lenses trend. They look awesome. But every time I try on a pair they dig into my cheeks. Like if I smiled, I would get dents in my face... not hot.

I found this gorgeous gold pair also from H&M and they had metallic lenses... so I took a risk and ordered them on the off-chance they would suit me. The risk paid off. I can actually wear them dent-free. Result.

Life and Rags Blog

Now if you were to put these all together whilst you are by the pool you've nailed poolside glamour. Well I think you have anyways! 

Super awesome bikini. Check!
Statement shoes. Check! 
On trend metallic aviators. Check!

These are my Top 3 items for looking glamorous by the pool but what are yours?

Thanks for the read xoxo

Life and Rags Blog

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