Easy-peasy Hair Bow Tutorial

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So I recently acquired some off-cuts of fabric and wanted to try a simple tutorial to make use of some of it. I had a quick browse on Pinterest and found some great hair bow tutorials. Now for most of them it required some level of expertise and a glue gun - neither of which I have - and it doesn't help that I'm extremely lazy as well so when I was reading through I was slightly intimidated by the effort involved! 

There must be an easier way and a more simpler way to do this right?

I gave it a go based on some guidance from Pinterest and below is my easy-peasy tutorial for you to try as well:

You will need some fabric, fabric glue, a pair of scissors and some bobby pins!

Get the fabric that you want to use and cut it into two pieces like so...

I don't have any precise size guidance but this material was a handkerchief! 

You also need to use the smaller piece of fabric - fold it thinly and glue into place - as this will be used to pinch in the bow in the middle.

Fold the bigger length of fabric in at both sides.

and wrap the thin piece of fabric around the middle and secure with more glue. 

                      Emphasise the bow shape by pulling out the fabric edges more prominently.
Once your bow is complete, turn it over and slide in a bobby pin.

et voila!

Your hair bow is complete!

Easy-peasy right? and now you've made one, make another! It becomes addictive!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Let me know how you get on!

Thanks for the read xoxo

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