Sports Luxe Bikinis under £30

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It's nearing summertime in the UK and I LOVE bikini season. These days designs are so fun and there are so many different styles to choose from - enough for all different body shapes and sizes!

I am quite tomboyish and love the sports luxe trend that always appears every summer. This season we see the introduction to a more conservative and practical bikini top with many brands opting for crop tops and high necks.

I've picked my favourite bikinis from the High St and an Australia brand - that I have fallen in love with and just had to tell you - that will cost you under £30 and have also chosen styles from designer brands to show you how similar styles and designs are and how you can achieve the designer look without having to break the bank!

Under £30

Top L - R (clockwise) Mesh Black Top and Pants - River Island £16 & £12, Navaho Scuba 2-piece - $59AUS, Zebra Bikini - H&M £12.99 & £7.99, Scuba top and zip pants - Primark  £6 & £4. 

Designer Swimwear

Top L - R (clockwise) Mesh Crop Top and pants - Alexander Wang £180 & £140, Floral Scuba set - Stella x Adidas  £50 & £40, Bandage Bikini - Herve Leger £575 and Electrolight Racer Set - Mara Hoffman £230

How fun is the Mara Hoffman bikini by the way!?

I have featured an Australian brand as I happened to discover them via their Instagram account and I instantly fell in love. The awesome thing about is that you can actually design your own bikini. The one I have shown is a ready made style and print on their site however you can choose from a whole range of different styles in many colours, prints and fastenings. So not only do you get a unique bikini that's been designed by yourself, but you also get to choose a bikini that fits perfectly and suits your body shape. They have many fitting and size guides that show you the different styles on different shapes to ensure you know what size to get. It also categorises types of tops and bottoms that would suit your body shape. And incase you didn't know what body shape you have- they show you images of real woman wearing their bikinis. Something that is truly refreshing to see from a brand.

When I get paid at the end of the month, guess what I will be purchasing :)

I hope you found this post interesting - I love comparing High St and High End pieces for current trends! Who doesn't want that designer look for less?

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