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I don't know about you but personally if I'm stepping outside my house I always like to put on a bit of mascara. It makes my eyes look bright and fresh and even if I wear no other make up - I'm satisfied with a wee bit of mascara instead.

Being an obsessive wearer I like to try new products but also I like to have certain mascaras for different looks. These days the world of mascara is a minefield. Brands are forever changing to suit consumer trends and I can barely keep up! That being said I challenged myself to pick my favourite mascaras and narrow it down to five so I can tell you a bit more about them.

I present to you the magical five:

I'm gonna talk you through each one and I'll explain why I've chosen them, plus I'll add a link so you can find out where you can get your own as well.

We'll start from the top shall we?

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara - If you want waterproof/sweatproof/hayfever proof/smudge proof mascara then this one takes the crown. It has amazing lengthening capabilities and I apply a layer on top of my upper lashes first to define them and then I apply mascara the usual way and it gives amazing definition. The brush is super soft and curved for gorgeous eyelash curl. This stuff easily lasts me all day and night with no flaking and did I mention it's paraben free?
This mascara is single-handedly the hardest mascara to budge. Like, to get this off my eyes, I have to soak them with micellar water for a good few minutes.

Rimmel Kate Rockin' Curves Mascara - Firstly let's just take a moment to look at that brush. Serious curves. The great thing about the design of this brush is that it picks up even the little inner corner lashes with ease, creating a really easy full lash effect. This one is perfect if you are in a rush - one application catches all your lashes at once - for real though. 

L'Oreal Superstar Mascara - This mascara has two parts. Step one is a primer so you can coat your lashes first and then once dried you use step two which is an intense black mascara. The brush has a slight curve so helps to curl while lengthening. I've used this with and without the primer and really think the primer makes a lot of difference to how thick the lashes are. This is my current go-to mascara. I love it!

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black - This is the blackest shade of black that I can find in a mascara. It is a fantastic - super jet black! I use this mascara on nights out to create a full, thick lash line. Amazing for finishing off a smoky eye - it gives definition and drama to your eyes. Just be warned though if you cry whilst wearing this you will scare small children, and possibly even adults. Serious panda eyes...

Tarte Gifted - Distract yourself from the beautiful natural packaging of this mascara and you will see that this is not a one-trick pony. This mascara is formulated with Amazonian clay to ensure that with each application our eyelashes are protected and given a health boost! It nourishes the lashes and creates a gentle everyday look for your eyes. I use this mascara the day after nights out to restore my lashes after wearing heavy amounts of eye make up. The brush is soft and quite long so can reach inner lashes with ease. This is also Vegan friendly and paraben free.

 I hope you enjoyed reading my Top 5 mascara picks  - I'm conscious there are much more types out there so if you have any others to recommend leave a comment below and tell me so I can check them out!

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