24 Hours in Edinburgh

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So I was presented a work opportunity that I couldn't refuse as it involved me travelling to one of my bucket list places - Edinburgh! A whistle-stop tour no less as I would only be spending 24hours there, but to me it was totally worth it!

After a short flight and a bus journey to George St I was finally ready to explore. Shopping was inevitable the moment I got off the bus and saw all of the awesome shops so once I checked-in to my hotel room I headed out! I'll never quite forget the moment I walked out of Primark and saw the BEAUTIFUL CASTLE... I literally stood there in awe.

Like seriously!? Edinburgh this view... much wow.

After much admiration, touristy photo opportunities and an absolute downpour of rain I decided to find myself a coffee shop to relax in. Latitude Coffee Co to be precise.

Here is a pic of my yummy soya latte...

I eventually got back to my hotel room and started to research somewhere to eat where I wouldn't look like a sore thumb eating by myself! Now I'm a burger advocate so naturally I Googled burger places near my hotel as I didn't want to venture too far. 

I found myself intrigued by The Boozy Cow. So off I went - iPad and blogging notebook in tow so I had a distraction.

Yes this burger was bloody epic. and yes those are skinny fries as well. BURGER HEAVEN!!

I can only describe the place as trendy and I realise by using that word it makes it totally un-trendy however how else do you describe graffiti walls, old rock and r'n'b music, industrial lighting and furniture? It suited me to a tee. If I'm ever in Edinburgh again - and I will be - I will definitely be going back.

It was ever so short but very sweet and I can't wait until I am back here again.

Edinburgh you were beautiful. Thanks for having me!

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