Pantene Expert Hydra Product Review*

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So I was excited to hear about the new Hydra range by Pantene Pro-V as I have super dry hair and was desperate to find some hair care products to help restore my bleached hair. Boots were kind enough to send me the shampoo, conditioner and creme to try so I thought I would test them out and then review them for you.

Before I kick off reviews on each product I just wanted to talk briefly on the packaging. Its super sleek and has an expensive look to it. Black and gold with pops of midnight blue colour. It looks great and I expect great things because of this!

Shampoo £5.99 - When the shampoo comes out of the bottle is a lovely gold colour - so automatically it looks great. It lathered up so well that I didn't need a lot of product. Now it's weird to say this but my hair felt so nourished - like what it normally does once I apply conditioner - except this was only the shampoo. It already made my hair feel amazing and when I rinsed off the product it was already silky smooth and feeling great. Very impressed. 10/10

Conditioner £5.99 - Again the product comes out gold and looking fabulous and because of the success of the shampoo I had great hopes for the conditioner! As with all conditioner I applied it mostly to the ends and left it for a while. I mentioned before that my hair is super dry so I normally leave conditioner on for a good 5-7 minutes. I did exactly the same with this conditioner as well. I rinsed off the conditioner and was disappointed to find that my hair felt stringy. It was hard to comb through and it no longer felt soft. Bitterly disappointed. 4/10

Creme £6.99 - I got to admit I was sceptical of this creme as I've used so many before but I gave it a try to see of it was something I could use. Once my hair was dry you apply the creme to the ends to keep hair looking smooth and polished. You only need a pea size amount which is great as the product will last a long time. It actually worked! It wasn't oily or heavy on my ends and kept my hair looking smooth all day whilst I was at work. I'm surprised and happy with this product and will continue to use it as it really helps my hair to stay hydrated and soft. 9/10

I really try to write an honest review on products and for me the shampoo and creme was great but the conditioner was not. It's fair to say that I have very dry hair as I colour and bleach it often so it may work well for you if you have different hair type to me. 
If you found it better or different for you then let me know :)

Thanks for reading xoxo

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