How-to Update Your Home Decor

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So I recently decorated my office and I found a gorgeous copper lampshade by ASDA that I just had to have - I blogged about it here. I noticed that I didn't really have any other copper items to tie into the colour scheme so decided to invest in some copper spray paint and get creative!

Below is my super easy 'How-to' on achieving gorgeous copper decor by updating old items you may have around the house. 

Start by finding some items in your house that need a touch-up or are a bit bland in colour.

For this tutorial I used a white pineapple candle and some plastic trays. Then I went and got some copper spray paint from Homebase - other DIY stores are available! 


I would advise to spray this stuff outside (because of the smell) and when it's not windy (trust me I was the stupid one that ended up with copper spray on my black leggings!) 
Oh and wear plastic gloves as I also got spray on my fingers when I was moving the objects around to spray them... FAIL

I also made sure that the area I was spraying onto was protected - I opened up a big Primark paper bag to cover my patio as that's all I had but a bin bag is just as easy!

Now I've prepared you for this go forth and spray 'til your hearts content!

Here's my attempt:



Once it was dry I used the tray to store some of the items I had on my desk - does it look good?


For a first attempt I'm pleased and I'm inspired to carry on doing my own DIY's after the success of this one so watch this space!

Let me know if you attempt anything yourself and if you have any DIY ideas I could try!


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