Why I ruined Valentine's Day FOREVER

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Oh gawd it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. As if there wasn't enough pressure to conform to society expectations on this widely celebrated day, it's also on a bloody Saturday. At least on a weekday you can kill most the day at work, but a whole day of pressure and expectation. NAH. No deal. 

To be fair I'm bitter - I ruined any chance of celebrating this day when my anxiety got the best of me on my first Valentine's Day with my OH.

For our first anniversary, many moons back, the boy got flowers delivered to me at the office where I was working. My anxiety got the best of me when I had to walk back through the office clutching this beautiful bouquet of flowers getting stopped as people were complimenting them and saying how lucky I was... and all I wanted to do was drop them and run. 
When he asked if I liked them I simply replied (and I instantly regretted):

"Why did you buy me flowers? It was so embarrassing!"

.oh dear.

That was the WORST Valentine's Day ever and it was our first one together so it totally died a death there and then. I totally pissed on his parade and all over his romantic gesture.

Fast forward another 4 years and we now 'don't do' Valentine's Day. Not even a card. 
I can't say I am surprised. 

So let this be a cautionary tale and let me offer my wisdom to all you excited people out there who can't wait for the big day tomorrow - if a gesture is made. Be grateful. Even if you hate it. 

And if you do hate it then follow my advice and repeat after me: 
"It's the best bloody gift I've ever received!" (Fake smile)


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