Hello February!

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So it's February, no shit ... and I am conscious that I have been absent on my blog. I could bore you with excuses and find creative ways to tell you those excuses, but I won't. It doesn't matter in hindsight plus I don't want to bore you, I'm kind to you like that you see.

February is the month I sort my bloody house out. I've lived here for a good few months now but I am nowhere near to un-packing all my boxes and decorating the place. I love re-inventing and creating a new look for a room and Pinterest has given me some awesome ideas so I'm hoping I can create the looks I've pinned. The key word here is hoping as I'm all too familiar with those Pinterest fails memes!

Now I've looked high and low for some awesome pieces to decorate my office - my colour scheme is yellow and grey with hints of copper - and Asda have really impressed me with their new home range. My fave was this gorgeous copper wire frame at £20 - it was a steal! I also got this letter storage box for my front room and the embroidery decoration as well but I had to reallllly restrain myself!

copper shade

When my office is up and running I will blog about it and feature key pieces and provide links to where I got things, but it will take a little while yet as I'm still decorating :)

I was really surprised at the range that Asda provided and the price and quality makes this a definite place to look if you want an in-expensive way to update your house. Super impressed Asda.

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