Tweezerman IQ Make Up Brushes Review*

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Tweezerman Make Up Brushes

I got my hands on 5 brushes* from the new make up brush range from Tweezerman. I was surprised to see that they had launched make up brushes as I know the brand mostly for their eyebrow care. I loved the packaging - each brush was packaged in a plastic test-tube style case - perfect for protecting and storing.

Tweezerman Makeup Brushes

I've linked all of the brushes above so you can see how much they are and where to buy them from :)

My pet-hate with make up brushes is that I hate getting brush fibres on my face when i'm trying to apply make up - does it annoy anyone else!? I'm happy to report that this hasn't happened so far and I've been using them for approx 6 weeks. All of the brushes are sturdy and the fibres feel soft but strong so ideal for everyday use as they really will last.

Tweezerman Makeup Brushes

One of my favourites is the powder brush - it spreads out beautifully and holds product well so you don't need much of it. I also enjoyed using the flat top foundation brush as a little product went a long way and it was perfect for everyday application. I would highly recommend these two brushes out of the set as they are my most used and I think they are best value for money.

I don't really use a concealer brush as I feel a blending tool or my finger is enough so for me this was least favourite brush - but again thats just down to preference and lack of use.

In terms of the price - I was surprised that the average price of a brush throughout the collection was £20 - that's nearly on par with the likes of MAC. I think it is overpriced but again thats down to preference and opinion as i don't like to spend too much on make up tools - especially as I'm not a professional and use these for just everyday use. 

What brand of make-up brushes do you use? Let me know in the comments box below!

Thanks for the read xoxo

*Brushes sent to me by Boots

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