Amazing Customer Service : Boots UK #SpecialBecause

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Now this is a totally different blog post to what I normally do but I felt compelled to write something and share my recent experience with you all.

So in general customer service is so important to me. When I walk into a shop or deal with a company online, I want to feel welcomed and special. It creates a positive vibe and results in me, the consumer, having a great experience with the likelihood of me coming back to that company again.

Now for me Boots really created this special and unique experience. I was recently sent an email inviting me to watch the new Christmas Boots advert and was asked to tweet my opinion. I tweeted them my response and someone replied back asking who my #SpecialBecause person was (which is part of their campaign). I replied to tell them it was my best friend who lives in Canada and that I was planning on visiting her for Christmas. They then got back to me and offered to send me some make up for my best friend so we could celebrate in style! It was such a lovely gesture and it was so nice to be engaged over social media like this!

It was a small gesture but it means the world to me and my best friend! I can't wait to show her as she misses the make up here in the UK :)

It's companies like this that make the shopping experience wonderful and rewards customer loyalty!

So I wanted to say a BIG Thank You to Boots - you made me and my best friend smile!!

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