BLEACH Blullini and Washed Up Mermaid Hair Dye Review

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So I haven't posted on my blog in a while as I've been having a bit of 'me' time and getting my life in order etc. I spent some time thinking about colouring my silver hair and bought numerous colours from all different brands and in the end I've decided to try blue hair!

I bought two pots of Bleach London hair colour in Boots which were Blullini and Washed Up Mermaid - They were like £5 each I believe.


Now I will say that I didn't want to have a full flawless colour all over - I'm experimental with colour and not precious about how I apply it and don't mind the strength of the colour either. 

This was my hair colour before dying it with my Bleach London products.

Silver Hair

I approached the dying process a little differently to how they advise on the bottle. I applied the colour to dry one-day-old hair. I used a wide-tooth comb and put the dye on the teeth and then combed it through my hair. I sectioned my hair from the bottom and then combed alternative colours throughout my whole head. I wasn't precious on getting all the colour precisely on or to the roots - I just applied it however it ended up once combed through. Once I finished combing through the last top layers I literally set up my shower and then got in to rinse of the dye. The effect I wanted was that the underneath colour would be more intense then my top layers.

Word of advice - don't under-estimate the power of wearing gloves! It took me 2 days to completely remove the blue tinge from my hands (nail polish remover and exfoliating gloves!)

Dyed hands

Anyways after allowing to let me hair dry naturally it came out like this:

Silver and blue hair

(Photo taken from my Instagram)

Excuse the silly face but I just can't get a photo that justifies the colour that my hair actually is - it's a lot more turquoise in real life yet it looks really dark blue in the photo! Frustrating!

Either way I'm loving the colour and definitely up for experimenting with other different colours!

What colours have you all experimented with? Show me your pictures!

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