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I have embraced a new hobby and let me tell you, it's one that I never thought I would ever get into, but I am slowly enjoying it. It's called RUNNING, like for fun. I'm even do my first ever 5K at the end of May and for most this may not seem like a big deal, but for me - it's a first of it's kind.

Now running gear to me was always pretty lame but the more I looked for different running outfits the more surprised I was at finding gear that suited my style. Now there may be a few runners out there that will easily say that it shouldn't have anything to do with what you wear right? Well for me it does matter. To make it less of a chore, to motivate me and to make me feel good about myself, I have to feel comfortable. 

I've been shopping recently for some awesome gear and want to show you what I've found and where you can buy it (click on the links to take you straight to the item) I like to share the love :)

Ok so the main picture here on the left are some awesome pants by Black Milk Clothing - these are amazing, I mean look at that sheer detail and they got 2 secret phone size pockets - hello awesomeness - these are so freaking cute. £58.00 (depending on conversion) 

Moving on to the middle column - at the top we have some colourful leggings by Adidas and cost £25. These are super soft and comfy and the print really brings variety to the standard black tights you can normally get hold of. I love bright prints as it's an instant mood lifter so look forward to wearing these on my next run :) Ok underneath those leggings is an awesome outfit from H&M shorts £7.99 and top £14.99. I have to say H&M has recently re-invented their work-out range and it is amazing value for money. I love the pop of neon with these separates and you can mix and match a load of pieces that they have in the range. The outfit to the right with the orange is also from H&M and again I am loving the detail on the shorts with the different coloured waistbands. Top £12.99 and shorts £7.99.

I've rambled a bit so I apologise! Moving on to the long-sleeved crop with awesome finger holes (I love tops that do this!) this beauty is also from Black Milk Clothing £27.00 (depending on conversion) This colour is so flattering and i love the high hemline style - perfect for layering!

And last but by no means least - the amazing leggings from Nike in the top right corner. What an awesome design! I love the ombre from black to grey to white - such a nice colouring and super flattering. These beauties cost £40.

Well these are my picks but I am sure there will be loads of amazing designs and brands out there, so if you have any to recommend please leave me a comment below to let me know!

Thanks for reading y'all xoxox
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