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Top of the morning to you all!

Today I'm posting about something a little bit different then my usual content but is still totally relevant to me and my life as it currently stands.

Having just recently jumped on the YouTube bandwagon myself I thought I would tell you all about some of my favourite YouTubers and why I choose to watch their channels (I follow quite a few so will only mention a few here).

So the first ever youtube account I stumbled across was by the lovely Karissa Pukkas.
She's a Canadian living in Australia and shares with you her beauty secrets, clothing hauls and generally life stories! I love the fact she is Canadian as my best friend lives there, she lives in Australia and this is relatable because so do some of my family and she loves Blink 182 and (hopefully she won't mind me saying this) she's totally nerdy and makes fun of herself which I think is awesome! I stumbled across her Black Milk haul back in 2012, loved everything about her and since then have continued to follow her life through YouTube. My favourite videos are her bloopers and tutorials.

Another favourite YouTuber of mine is Sprinkleofglitter.
I stumbled across Louise's blog first before realising she had a YouTube account and loved her content, the way she wrote posts and her way of giving honest opinions on herself and life which I found refreshing. I can relate to Louise in a few different ways - we live locally to one another so I enjoy looking at her posts on where she has enjoyed days out with her family, we are of similar age so I enjoy her posts on her views on life in general as I feel like her opinions are similar to mine and her love for her family, beauty and fashion really shine through and for me it makes a great package for somebody to watch and interact with. I like her sassiness, boldness and realism. Oh and did I mention she is loads of fun? I rarely watch a video where I'm not laughing or smiling!

For fitness and general motivation I watch Carly Rowena's YouTube videos. She provides fantastic advice and shows you practical exercises for all different shapes and sizes. I love her videos around diet and eating healthily as she quite often gives honest opinions on things and is tough talking when it comes to what really works and what doesn't. Carly is funny and realistic and I love that she truly is just herself in front of the camera and that is something that I love about watching her videos.

Now I hate to bunch them together but I watch these two guys for very similar reasons so thought it would be easier to explain why I enjoy watching them so much. Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa.
These guys are hilarious. Tyler Oakley is the gay best friend that I never had. He's fabulous, crude and gets drunnk and crunk on videos. He films videos about the best topics ever from watching his birthing video with his mum to his reaction to 2 Girls 1 Cup. I love that he is real, honest but also doesn't give a damn what people think of him. He is true to himself and for that I LOVE watching his videos.  Now Joey Graceffa is a babe. Like it's actually depressing he's gay. I love how he ends every video with 'may the odds forever be in your favour goodnight'. He allows us to follow his life around and again is funny and witty. I love his accent and his sayings 'goodygoodygumdrops' and he is just a very likeable and unique character. I enjoy his videos for these very reasons.

And last but by no means least my favourite fashionista Patricia Bright. I love this girl. She is sassy, funny and has THE best wardrobe a girl could ever dream of having. I love her OOTD and lookbook videos as she just nails every outfit and provides realistic ways to copy or adapt her styling. She's realistic to her audience and what I mean by that is the hauls she does and the clothes she wears are high street, she gives honest opinions and she just comes across as a really genuine girl. She also talks about real life issues such as body confidence and loneliness and really hits the nail on the head with her advice and opinions.

Sorry it' a long post guys but that's my own personal likes when it comes to my favourite YouTubers. I follow loads more however didn't want to ramble too much on here! 

Who do you guys follow? Leave me a comment below and I'll check out their accounts- or even if you have your own YouTube account- let me know about it :)

Thanks as always guys xoxo
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