Lush Mini Haul

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I rarely go in Lush, not because I don't like the brand, but I rarely go into my town centre so don't often get the opportunity to take the time to have a good look around. And I feel like Lush is one of those shops where it's important you find out about the products and their benefits before buying.

I've been suffering from dry skin recently and was looking at a light moisturiser that could hopefully banish my dry skin woes. I voiced my concerns to a lovely young lady who worked there who was more then willing to talk to me about what products may be best for me. It turns out a massage bar was exactly what I needed so I smelt a couple and tried some out and chose two that I really liked. I also bought some dusting powder to try out as well! So here's what I think of the products I bought - as always I have linked the items to their website for ease (you're welcome!):

From Dusk 'til Dawn Massage Bar £4.49 per 50g- This little cone of loveliness smells orangey and citrusey (not sure if they are real words...) it's soft and gentle and the little pointed end is perfect for relieving me of sore legs and feet after my running as it enables me to push onto my achey muscles! 

Wiccy Magic Muscles £6.50 per 70g - Firstly the smell. For me it smells like deep heat with a hint of vapour rub. I know for a lot of people that may not be desirable but don't be put off by it. I love the smell. It's peppermint meets cinnamon. It reminds me of winter and snuggly times and is perfect if you are feeling unwell or need a pick me up in the morning! It has amazing aduki beans that massage your skin gently and the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling amazing - I've been using this before bed and it's really eased my sleeping! 

Vanilla Puff £4.75 per 50g - Mmmmm I LOVE the smell of vanilla so scent wise I am instantly in love with this product. There is a whole vanilla pod in the core of the dust in the bottle keeping that vanilla scent going and it's just amazing. I have used this after my showers and my skin feels so soft and luxurious. The advice I was given with this powder is that it can also be used to freshen up bedding, used as dry shampoo in your hair, freshen up your trainers or plimsols and when used with the massage bars (and the main reason i bought it) prevents stickiness of other products if you are in a rush! The scent also lingers and is a great alternative to spraying perfume as the scent is long-lasting as well. 

I am really pleased that I took the time out to learn more about the products and their uses and feel like I am really getting my money's worth. On the website it lists all the ingredients used in each product just in case you were wondering what is officially in it! I am one happy customer! 

Thanks for reading guys xoxoxo
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