I went to the Zoo - Cotswold Wildlife Park

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Me and the boy are currently enjoying our week off from work and happy to be spending it back in my home town catching up with friends and seeing family.

Today we went to the zoo and considering it's right on our door step, it would be rude not to have a good look around. Now I haven't visited Cotswold Wildlife Park in years - in fact the last time I went was when I was quite young so I was super excited to go and take some pics and enjoy myself.

The weather was a little rubbish as it rained on and off but it didn't ruin our fun too much and I was able to get some real nice photos that I thought I would share with you guys.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

The park has some amazing gardens and lovely ornaments. My favourite were these deers amongst the bushes.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

 This is me being suuuuper smiley with Mr. Giraffe. I've seen giraffes at other zoo's before but I have never had the opportunity to get high enough or close enough to one of them. It was amazing. They are beautiful creatures and it was fantastic to get so close to them. I would definitely recommend coming to see the giraffes!


I absolutely love a peacock photo opportunity and this peacock was particularly pleased to show of his feathers. I had to get quite close and with that in mind I am slightly scared of them as I was once chased by one so I didn't stick around too long!


Black Milk Penguin

This dude is Mr. Penguin. We became instant friends. He loved having his photo taken and even posed for a few snaps so couldn't resist my own photo opportunity with him! He loved showing off in front of the children and was by far a highlight of my trip!

We also loved the fruit bat caves but I wasn't able to take any photos as it was very dark and I didn't want to frighten the bats with a flash! (plus definitely wouldn't have been allowed anyways!) We went to the top and was able to see a load of them hanging together. So weird to see bats so close and when they were flying about we kept calling them all Bruce and Batman.

There were loads more photos that I took but just selected these few to give you an idea of my trip! Me and the boy had a great time and really pleased we came to visit - even if the weather wasn't playing game!

Thanks Cotswold for a great day out!


p.s I finally got my dream piece from Black Milk clothing - Rotten Elfs - and decided to wear them for my trip! They look so pretty!
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