Graze School of Farming & Graze Un-boxing

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Hi Guys, so todays blog post is around the Graze School of Farming. I recently put up a video on my YouTube account where I un-boxed my latest Graze box and also talked about Graze School of Farming and how you can help make an impact and a difference.

If you wanted to check out the video:

If you are interested in getting a free trial of Graze boxes (1st, 3rd and 5th box free) please use my friend code so that I can choose to donate to the Graze School of Farming for every £1 donated.

Just to put it into context - to give the local school in Uganda 50 trees to provide fruit for the children's breakfasts it costs £200

Even if you have your own graze subscription already and you use your own friend code - I ask you to donate that £1 you get to the charity instead of taking it off your next box. It all adds up!

Thank you for your continued support xoxoxo
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