Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

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What's up guys? Hope all is well! I apologise for the late blog post but I have been poorly recently and have not been able to even look at a computer screen - not to self to plan ahead next time!

 Anyways, after the disaster that was my lilac hair attempt I realised that I would have some serious making up to do! Not only was my hair a crappy colour but it felt dry and crunchy - not good!

I purchased some Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner about a month ago at a wholesaler as I had never seen it before. More recently I've seen it in Asda on an Introductory Offer so it must be a new product that Garnier has launched! Lucky me eh! I've also seen it in Boots.

There are a few different types of Ultimate Blends that you can buy - each one does something different. I opted for the very dry and damaged option - as my hair is constantly damaged - which has avocado oil and shea butter. It smells bloody lovely!

Not only is this shampoo and conditioner combo bloody amazing, it's also paraben free. Something I really like in a product as it doesn't weigh my hair down and embed a load of nasty chemicals into my roots. 

My hair feels shinier, healthier and if not a little cliche - bouncier! (I feel like one of them ladies on the telly in the adverts saying that but its true!)

It's ideal for me to use every other wash and I will be trying out the other ranges as they have quite a few options and fragrances to choose from!

I'm loving this product and so is my hair so I am super happy!


Thanks for the read and the support - muchos love as always xx

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