Attempting YouTube

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Well it was one of my 'things' to try in the New Year after all... guess it was about time I got my ass in gear and gave it a go. What did I have to lose? 

I got the equipment and the idea - next stop was to actually film myself. I decided to start with a Morning Routine video - no talking, just film how I get my face ready in the morning and mention the products I use. Easy right?

Learning points: 
1. Better camera focus 
2. Do not use music from my iTunes that was copyrighted = FAIL 
3. Learn how to put in a thumbnail for the image of the video instead of barely ready face to scare off people watching the video...

For anyone who is interested my YouTube channel can be found here

I have filmed another video - a Primark haul so feel free to subscribe or like if you enjoyed!

I'm under no illusion that I need to keep practising and learn from my mistakes but i am enjoying myself ad will continue to keep trying and posting :)

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