L'Oreal Feria Lilac Lavender Hair Review

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Ok guys, so I'm not afraid to admit when I've come across a disappointing product and for me this is exactly what I've got right here. It's disappointing. I just want to point out firstly that the colour of this product is called Lilac Lavender - two totally different purple shades so they've clearly covered themselves off in case the colour turns out naff - it's not even specific...

I'm used to colouring my hair - especially using different brands and experimenting with colour. I've used other brands before to get lilac hair and had success, so wanted to try the L'Oreal Feria Pastel Toning Lilac Conditioner as I have read mix reviews on it. Last June I tried the peach version and blogged about it here and this too was disappointing - should have learnt my lesson! 

The only positive thing about the product is that it's so easy to use - you apply the toner to clean wet hair and comb through leaving for a minimum 15-20 mins depending how you want the colour to look. I had freshly bleached my hair before application so knew my hair would be porous and was looking forward to the results. I left the product on for 45 minutes and rinsed it out.

I dried my hair and was disappointed to see that only a tiny front section had actually turned out purple and the rest of my hair was a dull greyish blonde... To persevere I decided to apply the toner again the next day. It turned a bit more lilac but again it only took to the front of my hair. The worst thing is my roots now look really brassy in comparison to the rest of my hair so its really ballsed up! I'm embarrassed to even post a photo as my hair looks like a crock of shit but here goes...

For reference my hair colour is very light blonde (see profile pic)

To be honest I'm thankful this product was only a fiver - I would have been really pissed had it cost me more so I have that to be thankful of I guess. In all honesty though I wouldn't even recommend you attempting to even waste a fiver trying it out. I've had better results using a deep purple dye mixed with cheap conditioner and using it as a mask every other night...

Anyways I don't want to be all negative as it's really not what I want to portray - I'm just thoroughly disappointed. 

I would love to know if you guys had similar results or even if it actually worked for you and lasted more then one wash! Let me know :)

Speak soon guys, thanks for the read xoxo

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