My Collections: Part 4 - Nail Polish Obsession

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I'm gonna start by saying that a girl addicted to nail polish is probably not a rarity these days but what makes me weird is that I have no nails... like I bite my nails a lot. 
So I don't understand why I have so much of the stuff as it's rarely used - even on my toenails it's only used like once a summer!

I'm always looking at the shades when I'm in Boots and sure enough when I get to the check-out a nail polish is amongst my purchases. WEIRD.

So my collection is pretty wholesome - variety of favoured brands, mixture of textures and colours and on this post today I'm going to show you some of my favourite brands and their colours in my current collection.

First up is Ciate nail polish - back at Christmas I got a Ciate advent calendar (link to post here) so it's safe to say that alone is a collection in itself and I love every single one of them! 

My favourite shades are below:

L-R: Hopscotch | Snow Globe | Pepperminty | Sugar Plum | Pillow Fight

I also love Models Own nail polishes as they are so varied and do some amazing styles. 
It was hard to narrow it down so my favourite shades that I have chosen are:

L - R: Show Stopper | Mixed Up | Green Flash | Hayley's Comet | Golden Green | Tropical Sun | Black Swirl

I really love the iridescent colours that they do as each application gives a different take on the colour and it's so unusual!

In my New Years post I said that I wanted to stop biting my nails this year and actually grow them so that I can start wearing all of my amazing nail polishes. So far my technique has been to paint my little stubbs that I call nails so that it feels like there is something on them and so far it has helped. I get the odd fall back but overall it's the best I've done in 20 years so I'm happy! 

I can't wait to have pretty nails!

What brands do you guys love? Let me know your favourites and best shades :)

Much Love

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