My Collections - Part 3 : Yankee Candles

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Just putting it out there - I really like to smell things. Especially candles. Especially amazing smelling candles.
In all honesty I'm surprised I don't get weird looks when I'm sniffing them all because I'm pretty sure I look like a woman possessed...

Thing is I've now become a bit of a candle snob and gone are the days where I enjoyed a scented Ikea candle for 79p. I have to have Yankee. I just get the best smells and longevity form this brand and I'm hooked.

My collection has grown over the years. It started as a simple find - a Red Apple Wreath candle...god damn Christmas having to smell all festive... to what I can only describe now as a collection for all seasons and occasions whatever size or purpose.

The photo above is just a snapshot of my collection and as you can see there is already quite a vast variety. Not only do I have them in tart, tea light and candle form but I also pimped out my car and have vent sticks and air freshener as well. It's pretty awesome.

Now I know here in the UK we are limited as to what scents we can get so I am super jealous of our friends stateside.

These are my current favourite scents:

My all time favourite scents I tend to get in tea light form as well as tart and candle. The tea lights last for so long so it's pretty awesome plus I get to have my favourite scents all year around. 
The scents below are: No. 4 Coconut & Lime, Paradise Spice, Pineapple Cilantro and Black Coconut.

Nothing beats coming home from a tough day at work and lighting a candle to relax. 
I instantly feel better plus I get a lovely scent filling my room! 

Any ways that's enough from me today - the last part of my collections posts are completing next week.


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