My Collections - Part 2 : Black Milk Clothing

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So today's post is Part 2 of my collections series that I am writing and this one is all about my Black Milk Clothing collection! Aaaah I just love my nylons soooo much!

For those of you who have never heard of Black Milk, it's an Australian clothing company that creates awesome collections of mostly nylon goodies - leggings, catsuits, swimsuits etc...

I did have more but I rarely wore the pieces so decided to sell them on.

I do have a pinterest board that shows you all of the Black Milk I have ever bought in case you're super nosey...

Back to the post and more importantly my collection. I have broken it down below to let you know the names of each piece - just in case you liked them and wanted a pair for yourself! 

Click here for the website.

The very first pair I bought were the galaxy black leggings - I remember the exact date...1st July 2012 - and to this day I still wear them the most! I actually also have the Burned Velvets in my collection as well but they are in the wash so couldn't get a photo for you - sorry!

My Top 3 are my Sketches of a Mad Man, Tartan Red and Zombie leggings - the detail on the Sketches and Zombie legs are insane. Every time I wear them I spot something new on them! and of course the tartan ones because as you will know I am obsessed with all things tartan!!

Anyway, that's my Black Milk clothing collection - currently all leggings - I have bought skaters and swimsuits but really didn't suit them so sticking to my leggings in the future which is fine!

I you love Black Milk and are equally obsessed like me - show me your collection shots!!

I did an old post on my then Black Milk collection a while back so if you want a read click here.

...until next time xoxo

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