Trying is better then doing nothing...

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Ah it's a New Year - 2014 in fact - and around the time that people generally reflect on the previous year and set goals or accomplishments for the year that lies ahead!

Personally I'm not great at setting goals. I don't like committing myself to something where it could easily be changed - a scenario that gets taken out of your owns hands for example - that doesn't sit well with me. I know for a lot of people goals and structure are what people need to succeed so I don't want to poo-poo on their own beliefs but I think differently about the year ahead of me.

I'm going to TRY things. Even the things that I didn't think were possible - if I don't like it or it makes me uncomfortable then that's fine - because I will feel great just trying something.

On reflection my initial thoughts on what I want to change in 2014 end up pretty generic like most people...

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I am going to actively try and eat better this year

I'm terrible at keeping hydrated - especially at work - so I am going to try and drink more fluids

I spend money unnecessarily on beauty items, toiletries and clothes - mostly because they are 'cheap' - so I'm going to try and think twice the next time I get to a check out

I love writing my blog but what I love more then that is YouTube so this year I am going to try and start my own channel

I bite my nails. I've tried stopping but so far I can't but I'm going to try again!

I want to try and give blood. I am so petrified of needles that even typing this my heart beats faster. I would love to conquer this fear so I really want to try this year.

Try and spend more time with my oldest friends. I'll hold my hands up and admit I am slack at this. In 2013 I made it a priority to see family more and because of this my friendships took a beating and I've lost contact with many people. This year I want to try and change this.

I hope I can stick at most of these throughout the year and that January doesn't become the only month where I try and give up! It's hard to keep yourself motivated but as I said at the beginning if I at least try all of these things then I will be very happy with myself and that should be motivation enough :)

I hope 2014 brings you everything you ever wanted and more and I look forward to finding out what all of your resolutions are - big or small :)


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