My Collections - Part 1: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

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Ok so I have some obsessions in life - who doesn't? But on reflection almost all of mine are materialistic and unnecessary... yet I can't stop... I use the term 'addicted' lightly here, as I can definitely see that some of my 'collections' may touch on addictive but I'm not overly attached as such, just a little... obsessed.

I'm going to share with you some obsessions/collections I have in my life over the next few blog posts - just so you can see and have a nosey. I understand that most of these are materialistic and this collection of posts may come across 'braggy' but that is NOT my intention here! I just love the bloody shoes and clothes and beauty items!

So my first obsession I'm going to share with you is Jeffrey Campbell Shoes. I came across this brand really randomly and got my first pair a long time ago - they were the Charlie Clogs.

 I can't even remember what shop I got them in as it was like 5 years ago but at the time they were dirt cheap and I was having a boho phase so bought them on a whim! The shoe box was so cool and I noticed the website address on the inside and decided to take a look...

I have never looked back! If you have not come across this brand before I can only really describe the shoe type as... totally fucking awesome. Sorry for the blatant use of a swear word but it was worth it.

So far in my collection I have 10 pairs...

L-R Clockwise: Quilted Stud Lita | Nightwalker Snake | Studded Damsels | All Black Night Lita | Everest Boots | Lula Croc Boot | Lita Light-Up Heel | Lita Taupe Claw | Blue Tartan Lita

My favourite pair is my blue tartan litas. I got these as a gift about 2 years after I got my Charlie Clogs - after serious dribbling and pinning on Pinterest I decided the blue tartan ones would be my first really awesome pair. They did not disappoint. I had these beauties imported from the US on Nastygal and suffered hideous custom charges that soon after that, I vowed to not buy from the US again and look to see who sold them in the UK. Buying them in the UK were like double in price than America so for a long time I went back to stroking my computer screen and pinning my dream shoes for when I was a millionaire!!

All of my shoes in my collection (apart from Blue Tartans) I bought in sales from numerous UK shops online - all bought for at least half price or less and saved me big bucks.
I love this brand of shoes so much and I loooove a bargain too so I'm totally winning :)

Needless to say I definitely get a few looks when wearing these shoes - especially my light up heel litas (they light up when I walk/dance/stomp- they are badass) but I totally get it - I think you either love Jeffrey Campbell shoes or hate them. It's the Marmite of the shoe world! and luckily for me i also love Marmite!!

I am constantly on the look out for a Jeffrey Campbell sale so if you know of any happening, drop me a tweet or leave a comment- I'll love you forever!

Next post will be on my Black Milk Clothing collection.

Until then my lovelies xx

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