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I've seen the Christmas Tag starting to appear so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do my own post :)

Favourite Christmas song?
It's a toss up between The Pogues - Fairytale of New York and Santa Baby - Michael Buble. 
Fairytale of New York is like the ultimate tune and I just love it! However I do love how Mr Buble sings 'Santa Baby' he's such a smooth dude.

Favourite Festive Drink?
Cinnamon Latte - YUM! I love how Christmassy cinnamon makes me feel - I associate the smell and taste with winter and it makes me feel warm and cosy!

Favourite Christmas film?
It's got to be Elf!! I find Will Ferrell so ridiculous in this movie i always laugh out loud! It's festive, feel good and it makes me sing out loud with the Christmas singing at the end of the film! It's definitely Christmas when I watch that film :)

Top of your wishlist this year?
I am saving for a Nikon 600D so am asking some of my family for vouchers however I don't really ask for anything at Christmas normally as it's about what others want to choose to give to you so let them make their own mind up :)

Favourite festive makeup look?
Glittery eyes! Usually golds and blacks all shimmery and blended into smokey eyes. If I'm not going all out on the eyes then I like a slightly darker blush and burgundy lip! 

Favourite Christmas outfit?
Tartan - any! I always wear tartan print at winter! I have Scottish heritage and have loved tartan anyways but I love it mixed with leather and studding/gold chain detail :) The darker the tartan print the better!

Play in the snow, or fireside with a cuppa?
If I was responding to this a week ago I would have said fireplace for sure as i LOVE being warm and cosy. However, last week I took my first ever snowboarding lesson and had the most fun ever!! so now I can't choose :(

Hope you had fun reading this - please take part and let me know once you've posted so I can read them :) Tweet me - @lou_sadie

Thanks for reading lovelies xx

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