Going Home for Christmas...

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So I live about 80 miles from my home town so it's difficult to visit my family as many times as I want to but now it's coming up to Christmas and I always go home for Christmas :)

It's tough. I gotta make the journey on Christmas Eve which is my least favourite time of the year to drive as the roads are constantly manic, the weather is appalling and I hate packing. Oh and as I am a hypochondriac I will also be packing an emergency kit just in case a zombie apocalypse occurs or I get stranded for whatever reason.

I'm not organised. At all. I'm freaking out that I'm going to forget to pack something. (Normally my damn toothbrush) I gotta pack for Christmas and New Years, plus all my presents for my family. I mean I'm no mind reader- how can I know what I am going to be doing over the festive period- how can I possibly pack for such occasions when occasions may not even happen? I may go out for drinks/dinner. I may be staying in chilling in my onesie. I may even keep up with the running- so thats a gym kit to pack as well! Did I mention that I was freaking out? 

Stress aside I am super excited to be heading back to see my family, but I'm super sad that the boy won't be coming with as he has to work :( Christmas with families rule but when you are not with all of your loved ones it kinda sucks as well. 

I guess for me the most important thing is that everyone around me is happy and then in turn I can be happy too :)

I hope you all have a fab Christmas and will be posting again next week so until then my lovelies...

Have a great one xxx

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