Ciate Advent Calendar

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Can I start by saying that I was super excited of having an advent calendar filled with nail polish rather then chocolate for once and especially one filled with Ciate (pronounced see-are-tey) nail polish!

For a brief background to this British brand then click here for further info -

This year I've really seen a trend on beauty advent calendars and personally I think it is a fantastic idea!

Here's my advent calendar from Ciate - doesn't it look so pretty!

Behind each door is a magical pot of nail polish or effect and I love finding out what one I get to add to my collection next! 

With each calendar you get 24 surprises consisting of Ciates best sellers - Mini Paint Pots, Glitter Sprinkles, Sequin Blends, Caviar Pearls and some other lovely surprises along the way :) Obviously at this stage I have only opened about half way through so I am excited to see what else I may discover but so far I am not disappointed :)

Now I should probably mention that like most chocolate calendars there are also messages and quotes printed on the inside of every door. My fave so far include: Day 4 - "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe and Day 11 - "Creativity is intelligence having fun" Albert Einstein

It's a great gift to give to someone (or to yourself!) and it's still available on their site along with other Christmassey gift ideas -

Once I've opened them all I will instagram and tweet my complete collection so make sure you're following me to catch a glimpse of that!
Twitter - @sadie_lou
Instagram - Lifeandrags

If you have a Ciate advent calendar then please let me know and tweet me your finds and collection shots as well :)

Thank you for reading lovelies xx

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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