The Liebster Award

So a Liebster Award is a way that bloggers can recognise and share other blogs that they love and read to their readers as well as highlight and recognise others in the blogging world who have under 200 followers! I tried to research these awards on Google and from what I can gather it is a sort of 'chain mail' whereby you get nominated by another blogger as somebody to read and follow and then to thank them for the recognition you mention them in your blog post and then you yourself then choose other followers and tell them you have nominated them for a Liebster Award and the cycle continues...

I think it's a really neat idea and is a great way to promote oneself and others in the blogging community! I was very fortunate to be nominated by  and she has asked me to complete the following questions to show a bit about myself and to then list my own nominations of blogs to read - by the way check out her blog!!

1) What made you decide to start blogging?
I honestly cannot pinpoint the exact moment I decided to blog or why I wanted to - I think I just wanted to communicate with others around the world and in return have a diary of events that I could store online to read again at a future reference! It sounds really lame but initially I just wanted to vent and get my opinions written down and out of my mind and felt that blogging was a great way of doing exactly that.
2) Where in the world would you love to travel?
Omg I would literally travel anywhere and everywhere!! Next year I am travelling from East Coast to West Coast America and I am super excited! The world is a beautiful place and the more I get to see of it the better!
3) Do you tell your family and friends about your website(s)?
I do but none of them really take any notice. My parents are total tech-phobes so when I try and explain what I do I just don't think they get the concept ha! I honestly don't talk about it much but they are aware as I tweet and instagram about new blog posts and they see it!! 
4) Tell me a funny story from your childhood.
Ok it's totally gross and mean so don't judge me! When I was in like primary school (about 7 years old) I told my friend that if he ate the gum from under our dinner tables (gum stuck under there by somebody else!) the tooth fairy would give him extra money the next time his tooth fell out. I didn't think anything of it after that but about 12 years later my friend reminded me of that instance and he totally believed me and did it and only stopped when his Mum caught him eating gum from under a table that they were dining on - 4 years later!! Needless to say I felt awful but luckily my mate found it hilarious... 
5) Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?
I would say that I am, in a sense that I totally believe in karma. I believe that everyone should be genuine and truthful and should treat others in a way that they expect to be treated. If that can be achieved by someone then I believe they will be greatly awarded by karma and shine positivity into peoples lives.
6) Do you have any fitness goals? 
No. Personally I don't. I don't like to restrict myself of what I can and cannot do with my body. I believe that if I am truly happy with the way I look then nothing else matters.
7) Is love real? Or is it all just chemistry?
Love is totally real. The difference is that for every single person it means something totally different to the next. To me it is a feeling that you cannot control - it just happens, it's fate. 
8) How would you describe your style? 
Very 90s and grunge. My colour palette consists mostly of black, grey, burgundy, petrol. I like pushing boundaries and am not afraid to wear something a bit 'different' to the norm. I also LOVE leggings. All my leggings are from Black Milk. 
9) Everyone always talks about “the one that got away.” Do you have one? 
No. I used to think I did but then I realised that I was blinded by the love I felt for them. If they were truly the one that got away - then to me it wasn't true love in the first place otherwise you would be with them now.
10) Are you a morning person? If not, don’t you just hate those people? Just kidding…maybe.
Ha no I hate mornings! I'm desperately trying to cling on to my mornings before I have to be a complete adult and start to have children. I know I will never get them back so i'm making the most of it now! ha!
11) Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve through blogging/writing? Are you doing your best to work towards them?
I guess for me if I can connect with as many people as possible around the world with as much common ground and mutuality to me then I would 'meet' some great people and hopefully experience some wonderful things! I really want to start a Youtube channel based on my blog so I'm currently saving for a camera to film on - once I reach that goal there's no stopping me :)

So my nominations for blogs that I totally love reading are:

And now, for my questions to my lovely nominees (if they are willing to take part):

1) Who or what inspired you to start writing a blog?
2) What is your ultimate pet hate?
3) What is your fave beauty look?
4) Who is your style icon?
5) What genre of music do you like?
6) What are your thoughts on Karma?
7) If you could spend a whole day doing one activity, what would it be and why?
8) Who is your favourite blogger?
9) If you could sum up your personality  in one word, what would it be?
10) Tell me something about you that many people may not know.

This post is a little bit different to what I normally do but I felt like it was a totally cool way to introduce you to fellow bloggers and blogs that I enjoy reading and a chance for me to ask them questions that I would perhaps not get the chance to ask normally :)

Thanks for the read xx

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