Beauty : Daily Facial Skincare Routine Part 2

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Hey hey hey! Today my blog post is Part 2 of my Daily Facial Skincare Routine.

So last week I blogged about my daily skincare routine- so like what I do everyday - and today is the second part - my additional products facial skincare routine which consists of products I use here and there for my face. 

Just like in my other post it's worth pointing out that the products I use are ones that I have come across myself in the shops/drug store and that I am no expert when it comes to what products are right or wrong - it's just what works for me I guess!

So the additional products I use..

Products L-R clockwise: Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser, nspa 5 Minute Magic Mask, Avon Liquid Extraction Strip and St Ives Apricot Scrub

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser: This moisturiser is lovely! It's packed with antioxidants and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated. The only reason it isn't my everyday moisturiser is because of the price. If I could afford to use it everyday I would! Its approx £36.25 for 50ml.

nspa 5 Minute Magic Mask: I use this scrub/mask once a week to freshen up my skin. I steam my face to open my pores and then use the mask. Its really good to plump my skin and i try and not put any make up on unless I absolutely need to because my skin just feels so fresh afterwards. It cost me £6 and as I only use it once a week it is lasting me a long time.

Avon Liquid Extraction Strip: This is a great pore extractor product to use if you don't get on with the strips like I do! it comes in a tube and you squeeze it out onto your nose area and then wait for the product to dry and harden. Once the gel hardens you peel it off your nose and voila, it's done! Unfortunately I am unable to find the price or able to link the product but it's from AVON and it was good value for money :)

St Ives Apricot Scrub: I use this scrub every other day in the shower. It smells amazing and it's so convenient to use as a scrub whilst showering as it doesn't need long to make my skin super soft. One thing I will say is it is a harsher face scrub then others and for me that is great as I do really like a gritty scrub but I know it's not for everyone. You can pick up this scrub from most drug stores or supermarkets and it's super cheap and incredible value for money.

I have linked all the products I have featured so you can find out much more information on their product sites - I hope you found this useful! 

Thanks for reading lovelies xx
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