Beauty : Daily Facial Skincare Routine Part 1

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Well hello there! Today my blog post pays tribute to my facial skincare routine - how exciting!

I have two routines (which will be blogged about seperately)- my everyday routine and my additional products facial skincare routine which consists of products I use here and there. 

I guess before I get cracking it's worth pointing out that the products I use are ones that I have come across myself in the shops/drug store and that I am no expert when it comes to what products are right or wrong - it's just what works for me I guess! I have dry skin that is prone to an oily t-zone by the end of the day and need a good base to apply make up to otherwise it has no staying power. 

I will state now that this heavily features nspa products however this is not a sponsored post - I just love the products and find the prices are fantastic value for what they offer.

So my every day routine...

Products L-R: nspa Oil-Free Moisture Gel, nspa Ultimate Cleansing Tonic, Nivea Original and nspa Night Repair Cream

Step 1 Cleanse: To cleanse my face of impurities I use my npsa Ultimate Cleansing Tonic on cotton wool. Before use I shake the bottle so that it is all orange (top third is clear and the rest is orange). This tonic is great for sensitive skin and leaves my face and neck feeling silky smooth. It is fantastic for removing eye make up as well as it is so gentle on your eyes! It costs £5 and lasts me about 2 months (day and night applications).

Step 2 Moisturise : I then follow up with a slather of Nivea Original all over my skin. This moisturiser has been around for years and is still my favourite moisturiser to date! As I have dry skin it is incredibly hydrating and leaves my skin feeling plump and soft. a big pot last me at least 6 months and for an average of £3.50 it's a bloody bargain!

Step 3 Evening Prep: After a long day at work I come home and remove my make up using the tonic mentioned in Step 1. About 10 minutes after cleansing I then apply 1 pump of the nspa Oil-Free Moisture Gel which is more then enough to cover my face. It feels so great on and sets as a base to my make-up free face - it just makes my skin feel smooth and fresh. The product goes a long way and for £7 is fantastic value.

Step 4 Night cream: Before bed I apply nspa Night Repair Cream to my face and neck. Its a fairly oily cream but a little goes a long way and is great for soothing my skin overnight. This product cost me £6 and I have been using this for 3 months and I'm only touching the surface really so again- great value!

I have linked all the products I have featured so you can find out much more information on their product sites - I hope you found this useful! 

Stay tuned for my second blog post on Part 2 this week - Additional Face Care products.

Thanks for reading lovelies xx

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