Bleach London Awkward Peach Review

Hello my lovelies!

I was feeling spontaneous and have decided to post my Bleach London Awkward Peach review sooner rather then later for you all :)

So recently I found myself in Boots looking at the Bleach London range and I was having difficulty deciding what colour to choose. I ended up choosing a few colours and a white toner kit but for now I'm only reviewing the Awkward Peach colour for you.

So just to give some background on my hair colour pre-Awkward Peach. Its naturally dirty blonde and I often get it highlighted or lightened to a lighter blonde - more ash then golden admittedly.
Here's a photo- just in case my description wasn't enough!

I figured with my hair being the colour it was I would be laughing with getting the colour I wanted to achieve as it did specify on the bottle that the colour would work best with lightened blonde hair.

I read the instructions and religiously followed them - application only required 15 minutes to develop which I was surprised at as with Crazy Colour and other semi-permanent dyes I've always kept it on for longer. Anyways I was a good girl and let my hair develop for exactly 15 minutes as recommended. I was sceptical of how the colour would turn out at this stage as my hair was developing more noticeably a darker pink then any other colour- eek!

It then advises you to rinse it out and leave once the colour of the water turns clear - no problem!

Normally I don't blow dry my hair straight after I colour it however was eager to see the results so rebelled and gave it a good drying!!

I gotta say I wasn't too impressed as my hair started to dry and the colour started to show, but i persevered until the end and this was my result...

(Hair fluffiness aside) My initial thought was 'hmmm....' A bit more pink then peach for my liking - and its the kind of pink tinge that looks like I've had the colour in my hair for a while... a bit naff-like.

I don't know if anybody else has had the same experience and found the colour to be a bit poor as well or whether it's my hair?

Bleach London have suggested that it should look like the picture below - perhaps if I had left the colour on for longer it would have been a more peachy colour? But in fairness it's not a bad match - once my hair has been styled for the day the colour might show better? Who knows!

Overall I would say I was slightly disappointed with the colour result considering all the hype this brand has received for its innovation however it hasn't put me off trying out other colours as this one wasn't exactly the most vibrant of the bunch! As for the actual name of the colour of this product I would have to say it was a great choice - this colour is exactly what its called - Awkward! Bit like a pink that's got a bit shy...

A while back I also tested the L'Oreal Feria Peach Toner - if you fancy using this as an alternative here is my review on that product as well:

Alas my hair journey continues...will I ever find a hair colour that I am happy with!?

Let me know you've got on with the Bleach London products in the comment section below :)

Thanks for reading xxx
p.s How many times do I need to type Awkward Peach in one post!
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