I LOVE Graze Box

So I love to eat and because of the nature of the job I do (boring office type) - I snack a lot, mostly through boredom! My friend introduced me to Graze a while back and I really fancied trying them but I'm a fussy bugger when it comes to food and I'm not a major dried fruits fan and wasn't sure what kind of snacks would be available.

Still, determined to be a bit healthier my friend gave me a 'free try box' code (I'm pretty sure that's not the official name!) so I went ahead and tried it! The website is really user-friendly and when you set up an account you have the fun of going through all the different types of snacks they have to offer and choosing which ones you like and which ones you know you definitely won't. Great for someone who is fussy - like me! There is also an option to 'try it' if you've never tasted or tried anything like that before- I have to admit I was a little brave and stepped outside my comfort zone once or twice!

I have now had my Graze subscription for a few months and love it!
 This was my most recent box:

In this box I got a nice mix of things from crackers, nuts, healthy (and delicious) flapjacks and sunflower seeds and some dried berries.

It's perfect for my week at work and gets me through it most the time!

If you fancy a free box yourself you can click here and redeem this voucher code:

For every person that uses the code I am able to donate to the Graze School of Farming for more info click here:

I would love to know how you get on if you do decide to get a free box - leave me a comment below :)

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