Black Milk Clothing Collection - Updated

Ok so it's been a while since I posted about my Black Milk collection so thought I would do an update! I've had many more pairs but have had to sell a few as well :( so I'll do my current collection as that is a lot easier to try and remember...

Ok so my current list is as follows...

 Ancient Maps
 Revenge of the Burned Velvets

Dark Moon
 Galaxy Black

Galaxy Neptunes

The Last Judgement
Moroccan Legs
 New Slicks Black

 Tarot Leggings
Metallic Velvet Rose

So fairly obvious that it's all leggings and to be honest I fell in love with Black Milk purely because of their amazing leggings and haven't really wanted to venture out into their skirts and dress ranges. 
I was desperate for a Galaxy Black Catsuit at one point as they looked suuuper comfy but was never able to get hold of one :(

I have recently liked the style of the skater dresses purely as a floaty bottom half is my preference but as I am pretty tall I am positive that it will be verrrry short on me and end up looking like a top instead of a dress which is a shame as I am really liking that style dress from Black Milk at the moment!

I cannot wait for the Harry Potter collection to be launched I am so excited, that every time I think of what leggings they will have i go all... fnvlndgnvksdnfsdnfkn!! 
I'm praying for Death Eaters, Deathly Hollows and Dobby leggings!

Anyways let me know how many pieces you have in your collections (pretty sure mine is one of the smallest in the Sharkie community!) and you're most favourite piece ever!

Photos used are all from

                                                               Thanks for reading!

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