L'Oreal Feria Peach Hair Review

Ok so I got peach hair. I saw this in the shop and was drawn to it like a magpie-a well known hair brand producing amazing hair colours for trying at home- pretty sweet- plus it had shiny packaging!!
 My hair is always being dyed different colours and I enjoy experimenting with semi-permanent hair dyes so gave this one a try! They have a few colours in this range but the one I chose was called Pastel Peach Punch.
It was kinda weird- I opened it up and all that was inside was some black gloves and a tube of toner- I'm not sure what else I was expecting but it seemed a little...bare...

Now on the instructions and on the packaging it says that it has enough for more then one application and I managed to just about get 2 applications with it and I have medium shoulder length hair.

I did exactly what the instructions told me and left it on for the correct developing time. I got a bit scared at first as it was fairly obvious that it took very quickly to my roots- even though my hair was wet the colour was pretty orange! But I persevered!!

When washing it out afterwards I have to admit that my hair actually felt amazing. It was soooooo silky smooth and I could easily run my wide toothed comb through it. It's worth a mention as well that the product smelt good- random I know but most of the time I use home dye kits my hair stinks!!

I digress- these were the results....

Excuse the derrrrp face but yeah hopefully you get the jist of the colour.

I have to admit I really liked the tone and it was subtle enough for work so I was happy.

Unfortunately it didn't last long... one wash later and it had all gone! I didn't even use decent shampoo - I used a cheap one so to not ruin the colour but it appears to have just washed straight out regardless! A bummer really as on the packaging it said it would last up to 3 to 4 washes...

For the price I paid (£6 from Asda) I wouldn't say it was worth it. The colour is very nice but it literally has no lasting effect- such a shame.

Let me know if you have any success with this colour- maybe its just me?

Thanks for reading!


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