The 5:2 Diet Bandwagon...

Ok so first things first... I don't normally do diets. I love food. And I'm a hopeless cook. And I'm lazy...
BUT because of this I have noticed a change in my body- surprisingly it's not a blog post where I tell you all that I'm thinking I'm a tad on the chubby side and I need to loose weight. I have a healthy BMI and all but I've recently noticed that I have been getting spots on my chest and back/shoulder area, my skin is oilier then usual and my hair has to be washed more often then usual. Something definately ain't normal and I sure as hell don't want to revisit my spotty teenage years again! So I went to the doctors and told him something awful must be happening (if you didn't already know-I'm a hypochondriac!). My doctor asked me about my eating habits and it soon became apparent that I suck at healthy eating and in affect I was starving my body of the key nutrients it was truly craving!

So doctors orders I guess- healthy eating needs to start! Now the term DIET instantly makes me switch off- why would I deprive myself of all the wonderful foods out there?? I've heard of so many diet crazes and normally I laugh at others when they tell me about the new diet they are trying- Maple syrup and water only!? NO thanks!! Baby food diet- eeeewww! and Atkins- no carbs seriously!? But for the sake of me having to change my eating habits I had to venture into this unknown world to me and decided to Google the latest diet craze... The 5:2 Diet.

I've researched it a lot online and also created a new board on Pinterest to gather all my Fitness and Healthy eating 5:2 diet related things so that I could easily reference ingredients and recipes.
So the concept is you eat your daily calorie allowance for 5 days a week (called 'feast' days) and then for 2 days you only consume 500 calories (known as the 'fast' days)...500 calories.. oh sweet jesus thats about a spoonful of Ben and Jerrys... BUT it looks like it actually is pretty successful and unlike most diets can actually be good for you!?

I've researched recipes, checked out low calorie snack ideas and I've decided to take the plunge... hey if it's good enough for the silver fox that is Schofield then I'm all game...he's a celeb success story and a supporter of the 5:2 diet here in the UK.

My issue is that at work I often get bored- working in an office is not glamorous and often leads to me to over-eating to substitute for my boredom. I gotta swap my peanut M&M's for peanut butter on Ryvita...and chips for a hearty egg salad and snack on cup-a-soups that taste like dishwater...Hmm...

Anyways I'm rambling and this is probably the longest blog post I've ever done but hey- I'd love your support with this as it's going to be a massive struggle for me! I've made my first shopping list and I'm starting tomorrow so I'll keep you updated with how I get on!

Twitter: @lou_sadie

If any of you are trying it then please post/comment any success stories or recipes! I'd love to hear them all!!

Thanks for reading x

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