Day 3 of my 5:2 Diet.. and it doesn't suck yet!!

So this is day 3 of the 5:2 diet and I gotta say that it actually isn't that bad- I had some Ben and Jerrys today- it was awesome!!

I had my first 'fast' day yesterday (Sunday) and this is what I had:
Breakfast - Porridge with skimmed milk and a light swirl of pure honey
Lunch - Wholemeal pitta crisps. Oven baked pitta chunks drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper seasoning.
Dinner - Garlic mushrooms on toast. Slice of wholemeal toast, 100g mushrooms, Garlic Philadelphia.
Drink - diet coke and lots of water.

I found a pin on Pinterest for recipes for the 5:2 diet and it was linked to - it is a great website with fantastic recipes so if you are struggling for some great recipes for your fast days then check the site out.

Amazingly the fast day wasn't that bad. The only way it worked for me was that I was distracted and had plans! I ensured that I ate just before I headed out and ate with a teaspoon so to eat slower. Then I went shopping during the day so that totally distracted me and I drank a bottle of water to starve off any hunger pangs! It got to about half 2 and I was getting really hungry so made my pitta crisps when I got in and had a diet coke as well. I then busied myself with some crafting and finished off my apron that I have been making and had dinner a bit later then usual so all in all it worked.

Trouble is don't have a clue how I can do it again this week- especially at work!!! I'm not gonna lie- I didn't like feeling hungry buuuut it was manageable, just.

How are you guys getting on with it?

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