5:2 diet update...

Hey guys. So its now been about 2 weeks since I started the 5:2 diet and although my eating habits have improved I've not actually noticed any difference in my skin clearing up and no weight has been lost!

I was using this app called 'Calorie Counter' which I was using to document all foods that I was eating everyday and if anything it made me realise that I never normally eat up to 2000 calories in a day anyways...

I'm not sure if I am going to continue putting myself through this 5:2 faze as although it has only been two weeks and I probably wouldn't notice weight loss or anything just yet, it's made me possessive over eating and I really don't like that I am restricting myself of certain foods and constantly checking what I've eaten and how many calories its add up to. I've been super depressed limiting myself of treats (even though I could have them as part of my 'normal' day) and even eating out with friends I hate that I have been checking how many calories is listed in everything! Social drain alert!

I've re-educated myself on portion control and will still be adapting this when I eat normally as I have found this a great way to stop myself over-eating when I am full! and I've started to drink a lot more fluids as well which was something I hardly ever did... naughty I know!

So to conclude... fuck diets. They always depress people and make girls feel shit and miserable.

I'm going to put a ban on myself from trying any crazy diets fads and enjoy life and eat whatever the fuck I want! (obvs if it becomes a health issue then I'll roll myself outta bed and loose weight by exercising and cutting down on the fast food!)

Now where's my Ben and Jerry's......

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