I wanna be a crazy pug lady....

So there's this pug I know, who is pretty awesome and he permanently has his tongue sticking out. 
He's called Chester and he is a rascal!
Now I used to be really scared of dogs- regardless of size- but thanks to this little cutie I'm totally fine with dogs now. He's a massive goofball and always makes me smile :)

Now rest assured he can be a pain in the ass some days- leaving little 'presents' around the house and my favourite- stealing my pants and socks and chewing a nice big hole in them! But to be honest I wouldn't change it for life pre-Chester!

He's a black pug (7/8ths pure bred) and out of his sisters and brothers he was the smallest of the group. He's so cute and small and no matter how many times I try and dress him up he goes beserk and tries to eat whatever I try and put him in so I've given up! He does have a cute little parker jacket though!

I'm always on the hunt for anything black pug related! Most pug stuff I have (pillow, mug, salt and pepper shakers - yes seriously!) is fawn pug which is fine but I really want more black pug stuff!! I have a black pug tee but that's about it :(

Help me find black pug stuff!!

If you have a black pug or even any pug or pet let me know about it :)

Thanks for reading!

p.s If you want to use any of these pics pleeeease ask as these are personal and taken by me!

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