Black Milk Collection so far....

Hi Guys :) So a few of my friends have been interested in my Black Milk collection for some time now and have asked me to do a blog post on them/the company so I am finally doing one today!

I did have more pieces then what I will show today however I have since fell out of love with them and found them harder to style so passed them on to other Sharkies to love instead!

This is my current collection:

I have Dark Moons, Revenge of the Burned Velvets, Metallic Velvet Rose, Last Judgement, Galaxy Neptune, Ancient Maps, Galaxy Black and New Slicks.

The first pair I got were the Galaxy Blacks and to this day they are still my favourite pair and my comfiest!

I've followed Black Milk for 2 years now and randomly stumbled across their Facebook page as somebody I was friends with had 'liked' their page and I guess it just kinda went from there...I love Black Milk because their clothing is unique and made in Australia. The company itself is a fantastic advocate to creating a community of followers (known as Sharkies) from all over the globe, where people can be themselves and unique and are not discriminated against for size, how they look, what lifestyle choices they make or any other type of bullying or discrimination that engulfs our world these days. There are not many clothing companies that spend so much time and investment into their loyal followers like Black Milk do!!

Some people think that their clothing is pricey however I personally feel like the material and craftsmanship of the products show that it is worth it. The only downside is the customs! (not Black Milk's fault and they are currently looking at ways to better improve that side of things for their customers!)

If you wanna check out their merchandise click on the link below.

They make great youtube videos as well! Their channel is 'blackmilkvideo'

But for now smell ya later....

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