Love for scented candles...Yankee Candle and Bolsius Aromatic!

So recently I've made some grown up purchases for myself... I've been buying a few homey bits here and there and then I came across some scented candles. Now it's not something that I have really looked at before as I normally spend most my money on clothes and shoes. However trying to be sensible and grown up I decided to have a look at what is available at the moment. Now before I start sounding super geeky over candles I will say this- I LOVE SCENTED CANDLES!

Ok so here's how this mini obsession started for me. I came across some scented candles from Yankee Candle. Well actually I came across about a hundred! Not gonna lie I was sniffing each candle I came across- probably looked ridiculous but never mind! They were sooooo amazing! Some of them I actually wanted to eat because they smelt so good! I picked up about five different scented candles but forced myself to pick one scent that I loved the most.

I settled on Yankee Candle No.4 - Coconut and Lime
Oh my god this scent is actually amazing! It smells sooooo good! For me it smelt really similar to the smell you get when you walk into Hollister. It's soooo good! I could probably sniff this candle all day! I ended up buying 12 scented tea lights in No.4 for £6.99. Bargain!

I also came across the brand Bolsius Aromatic. Now this company also specialise in scented candles but the scents you can get with these are more generic and realistic. I bought a massive potted candle in Exotic Mango. Oh my god this smell is insane and I actually want to eat the candle it is that good! This candle was cheaper and I got the big pot for £4. So far I have burned this candle for at least 3 hours a day for 4 days and it has rarely made a dent! Perfect!

Now I've checked online to see if any other retailers sell both the above mentioned products and it turns out many sites do. The easiest one I found both of them on was Amazon. Both companies have lots of different  scents so check them out :)

FYI- A Lent update- still going strong and chocolate free! yay!

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