New Year... Time for a Re-vamp!

So for my new years resolution I've finally decided to keep on top of my blogging and am making this my priority for the new year. I've re-vamped it slightly- updated the header and changed a few things around- hopefully going forward I will be happy with this :)

My blog will now start consisting of my general daily life happenings and will also feature posts on customizing clothing, altering clothing, general buys and purchases for clothing and beauty/make up items, any recipes that I should so happen to try (doubt it as I am not a stella chef!) and anything else I think might be of interest to you! Please bear in mind that my aim this year is to save, save, save so if you're looking for a blog that has posts for designer stores, this may not be the blog for you... cheap and cheerful is my motto!

I will be updating my blogs at least once a week with new posts so please come back and check for new delights!

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