Greek Explorer

So i've just got back from a week away in Greece where I stayed on an island called Kos. Pretty beautiful over there! So the holiday was for pure relaxation and a little exploring. I did a lot of relaxing - not that I have much of a tan to show for it - and took a couple of trips around for a spot of sight seeing. I hired a bike for 4euro and pedalled until my hearts content. I found a lovely hidden beach front where the local windsurfers and kite boarders hung out- just west of a sall village called Marmari.

My second favourite thing to do was to shop in Kos Town. I took the local bus and it took me to the centre of the town. Not only is the greek natural beauty evident in the buildings and streets around you, but they even have a beautiful harbour which housed some very impressive private yachts! I visited a small jewellery shop on the edge of the harbour called Aeriko Fairy where i picked up some beautiful hand made items at a really reasonable price. What is apparent in this town is that 'designer' items are everywhere. Many copies of the latest handbags to hit the runway, watches, belts, clothing- you name it, they have it. You can pick up a pair of very colourful Ray Bans for a mere 5 euro in this town...

Alas, no sooner had I got there it was due for me to return back to reality in grisly old Northampton town. Boo.
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